ServiceMaster Clean of Saint John

recognizes the contributions of

Jamie Robicheau

Jamie Robicheau has been proudly serving the customers of ServiceMaster of Saint John for the past two years.  Since joining us, Jamie quickly showed her strengths as a true team player as she outshines any challenge that has been thrown at her!  This is why Jamie is not simply an essential employee to us, she is a true ambassador of our business and most definitely our EVERYDAY HERO!

Each and every day, Jamie not only shows up, but she shows up with a bright smile on her face!  We have come to know Jamie as not simply an essential member of our team but as our own Superhero Associate as she is the one that not only her peers will turn to for help and advice but also happens to be the one our clients request the most!  We always know that if we need a job done right, we need only to send Jamie in to help us get it resolved!

We are certain that we would not be as successful in what we do without Jamie!  We are so proud and thankful to count Jamie Robicheau as a member of our team!

“Thank you, Jamie, for everything you do and quite simply just being you! 

You are most certainly our EVERYDAY HERO!”